Current version: 1.6.0
Based on osCommerce 2.3.4
updated: 11 November 2016

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Nature’s Natural Beauty

Nature's Natural Beauty is a UK based store specialized in Australian "Emu oil" Jilaroo and Avocado based cosmetics.

Nature’s Natural Beauty is a UK based store specialized in Australian Emu oil, Jilaroo and Avocado based cosmetics.

Setup and configuration is done by the mini template system team using just a couple of lines of additional css. The rest of the design is done in the administration panel taking full advantage of all included mini template system tools and features. All images have been prepared by the store owner.

For the background we used a large image that expands over the full page width. Even it is tall enough, it repeats vertically in case of very long product listings.  The image used is the same as on the packing of the main product line.

The design is hold in variations of beige and some stronger red-brown “touches” matching the background image. As a basic setup the store uses the “medium gray” color scheme and shadow scheme number 23a. The store width is 960 pixels and the ui theme in use is “pepper”.

The main horizontal navigation menu is placed on the right same as the link boxes holding the categories menu and links to the many additional information pages. Setup and configuration is done in the administration panel using the link manager and menu maker

The front page holds large fading banners with images of the main product lines. Each banner link of course to the corresponding category. A category description appear upon hover, this is one of the available settings of the front page manager. All banners have been set up using the banner manager. Next it follows the new products module, pulling products from a specific featured category and displaying them in a grid mode.

The store has also Separate Pricing Per Customer installed and a couple of SEO and other addons, all of them got installed by the store owner. Installing addons on a store that has mini template system enabled is exactly the same easy (or hard) as for a default osCommerce store

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