Current version: 1.6.0
Based on osCommerce 2.3.4
updated: 11 November 2016

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Do you have questions? You are more than welcome. For example: Can you install mini template system for me? Is it possible to use my current template with your system? Is it possible to customize the templates further? Are there more templates available than the base template? What do you like more lemons or melons? Whatever.

We'll be happy to listen to you and happy to answer your questions.

You can be sure about one thing: there is no outsourced customer service and no automatic email replies. We do answer each question personally, the same way we developed the system.

what is it

mini template system for osCommerce v2.3 (MTS) is a small and lightweight templating system that comes to make your life with osCommerce easier. It will help you to create your own osCommerce template from your administration panel. You can just drop in a new template, select it in your administration panel and go. You can easily switch between templates. You can easily configure the look and feel of your store in the administration panel. For example you can set the position and width of the columns, the height of the header, the position of the logo with a single click.  You can switch the ui theme anytime, you can choose the background color or the color of the text easily using the build in colorpicker and much more. Let’s not forget the various tools you’ll have by hand like the front page manager, banner manager, link manager and menu maker so you can easily configure critical areas of your store. Last but not least: There is a continuous development going on and all upgrades are for free. Finally, this is a supported solution. Appart of all that great tools you’ll get the maybe most valuable thing: support in any question or any issue you may have. 

why mini

because mini is beautiful, mini is sexy, mini is tasty, mini is great. The truth: mini template system isn’t a template system, it’s templates aren’t templates, at least not in the traditional meaning of replacing files by other files, or by totally separating layout and function. Both could be done, for sure, but each step in this direction would take us away from what osCommerce is today.Mini template system is 100% osCommerce compatible, in real it IS 100% osCommerce and nothing else. We took special care during development not to change anything of the core code. Your store will remain in it’s original condition and 100% compatible with any of the 1000’s addons. This has also a very nice side effect: The installation process is extremely easy and won’t take you more than some minutes.

1000 faces

each template gives you uncountable layout combinations. For example the base template: 18 ui themes pre-installed x 6 basic color schemes x 21 shadow combinations makes already 2268 different layouts. You have then 4 positions for the boxes, 6 column widths and 9 available store widths. Not to mention the available settings for text and background colors, millions of color combinations, easy to choose and pick using the colorpicker. If you need more, you can pick any theme from themeroller and just drop it in. Don’t worry, you will not need to alter any file, it’s all done in your administration panel. You can change the look of your store in seconds. The best of all: You can preview any changes before you go live and you can share the view with anyone you like, while your regular visitors are watching the template you have activated.