Current version: 1.6.0
Based on osCommerce 2.3.4
updated: 11 November 2016

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Do you have questions? You are more than welcome. For example: Can you install mini template system for me? Is it possible to use my current template with your system? Is it possible to customize the templates further? Are there more templates available than the base template? What do you like more lemons or melons? Whatever.

We'll be happy to listen to you and happy to answer your questions.

You can be sure about one thing: there is no outsourced customer service and no automatic email replies. We do answer each question personally, the same way we developed the system. Handmade gifts for your baby

leilastyle frontpage
leilastyle product information is creating really beautiful gifts for your baby, all made by hand and with lots of love.

The store has a very clean design in a nice pale green colour, combined with a pale pink.

The store has following configuration

  • osCommerce 2.3.3
  • Mini template system 1.4.03
  • Ultimate SEO url
  • Security Pro and a couple manual security improvements
  • Modular header tags
  • option types
  • Discount codes
  • PDF invoice based on tcpdf
  • Out of stock message on product information page
  • Ask a question form on product information page

The front page consist of a large banner slider on top, with large images and introduction text. It is clear immediately what the store is about

After that, there is a section showing the stores categories, for each category there is a representative image and a short description of the category.

Occasionally, there is a 3rd banner module that is used for announcements etc, it’s very easy to add quickly a text to the front page in that way.

The whole front page is mane using 2 (occasionally 3) banner modules, all settings are done in admin

leilastyle product information pageOn the product information page, you can see the implementation of “option types”, several options have a image preview, there are also text fields for customised customer text, such as the baby name or a nice message.

For some products there is  a “warning/safety” text under the image, this text is added programatically and pulled from a text file, it is not part of the product description

The store use a custom color scheme, shadow scheme “23_b” and has a custom ui-theme, created online using themeroler. is a Swiss store.

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