Today, on December 28 2010, the second improved demo version of mini template system for osCommerce got uploaded.

What is new in this version?

  • more features: more features got added to configure the basic appearance of the store, such as the height of the header and the position of the logo (vertically and horizontally)
  • colorpicker: To set and change the colors of various areas of the store a jquery colorpicker got added. The background colors of 7 store areas and the text colors for 6 areas can be chosen via the stores administration panel. Additionally there are settings to use or not custom colors for the background or the text (there is always the selected color scheme “jumping in” for any missing color definitions), also settings to what areas exactly the colors should be applied
  • more ui themes, shadows and colors: The installed ui themes are now 19, color schemes  are 6 and shadow combinations are 19.  This gives a huge amount of configuration options
  • internet explorer support: Since internet explorer does not support shadows, rgba colors, rounded corners and other nice css features, a “downgrade” was necessary for users of internet explorer, so that the page displays properly. Even 3 shadow combinations are possible
  • administration preview: It’s now possible to preview any new template settings in a separate pop up window in the administration area before “going live” with them
  • new demonstration panel: Because of the increased amount of configuration options, the demonstration panel is divided into 3 sections: general settings, background colors and text colors. Each section contain all related configuration options in a nice pop up window, based on the jquery ui dialog feature

A release date is planned for tomorrow, December 30 2010