Mini template system for osCommerce 2.3.1 has been upgraded. The new version is version 1.3.02

This is a maintenance upgrade that addresses following issues:

  • Link target attribute for menu maker fixed. In case a top level menu element, or the box heading in case of a link box, was linking to a product category, the link was opening in a new window
  • Protection added to top navigation bar, to avoid the error “division by zero” in case no link group has been selected. If this is the case, an empty navigation bar will be displayed until a link group is selectd
  • z-indexes of several elements, like columns, menus, footer, shadows etc have been adjusted
  • Various changes to improve w3c validation. The template ensure now a 100% validation, unless html5 elements are used, for example the option to display “captions” on the front page banners
  • 2 new shadow schemes added (20_b and 23_b) that offer the option of a wrapped footer. Like all shadows used, they are pure css shadows and do not use any images to create the effect. The new shadow work well in all browsers including internet explorer.

An email has been sent out to all mini template system users including the upgrade. We would like to thank them all for their valuable feedback