Mini template system for osCommerce 2.3.1 has been upgraded. The new version is version 1.3.03

What is new in this version:

  • Maximum fly out levels: The maximum fly out (or drop down) level of the menus can now be set via the module administration. For the link boxes and the main navigation bar, you there are 2 different settings, one for products and categories and an other for regular links and link groups. This is a very useful setting in case a store has a very deep category structure that should not be displayed completely in a fly out menu.
  • Smart menu items: In case a menu item link to a category, and that category doesn’t have any subcategories or active products, the link on the menu item becomes inactive automatically. That mean that, even the menu item still exist in the menu, it can not be clicked by the store visitors who would get to a unpleasant “product not found” page
  • Various improvements to the parent and active states of menu items. Please note that the state “parent” apply still only to menu items in a categories/products structure. We hope to change this in the near future too.
  • Various improvements to the “logic” of the menu creation that will output a correct unordered list even under unusal circumstances.

An email has been sent out to all mini template system users including the upgrade. We would like to thank them all for their valuable feedback. Special thanks for the inspiration to Jorge from ibisstudio who is doing a great job for one of his clients using our system