The next version of Mini Template System is ready: Version 1.4.1. The new version bring many improvements to existing modules and functions, introduce new features and a whole series of new modules

What is new in this version:

New module group: All pages modules

This is a completely new group of modules. As their name say, that are modules that display on all pages but the front page. First set of modules within this group are banners

What are the modules of this group good for? In short: You can display any banner, and in future any of the other modules, on any page you like

Configuration settings for the banner modules are same as for the front page banners, new are the positioning options: Each module can display in following locations on your page

  • top full width
  • top within content area before the the page title (h1)
  • top within content area replacing the page title
  • top within content area after the page title
  • bottom within content area
  • bottom fullwidth

All modules are compatible with page profiles, so you can display a banner on all or on selected pages as you like. Using page profiles, you can set for example a specific banner to display only for a specific product. At the same time you can use the same module to display an other banner for example on the contact us page at another location of the page. Or you can have separate banners per category or per product

New Breadcrumb module

The long time promised breadcrumb module is ready. Like all MTS modules, the breadcrumb module is completely customizable through the admin panel: You can do various settings for the fonts, the colors, the container around the breadcrumb, you can set the separator symbol as you like, you can turn the links into button style,  you can do settings about the content, like eg if you want to have the products name or products model in there and finally you can position it wherever you want on your page: Top, bottom, within the columns or outside. Please read more about the breadcrumb module and the configuration options it offers

The module is of course compatible with page profiles, so you can include it or exclude it from any page you like and set its position individually for each page if you want

Front page modules improvements

  • 2 more banner modules created for the front page
  • 2 more possible positions added for all front page modules: You can now place each module to the top of the page (before the columns start) just after the header or the bottom of the page (after the columns end) just before the footer. The module will occupy the full page width
  • New setting “respect margins”: Having a module set to display full width, you can decide if you want it to go really till the edge of your content or if you want it to “respect” the 5 pixel margin left and right
  • New setting “equal margins”: This setting will use the same margin that you have between the boxes on your front page also for the distance of the boxes to the adge of the container. Say for example, you display 3 products on the front page in grid mode and set a margin of 10 pixels. Till now the result was that boxes will have a distance of 10 pixels from the container edge but 20 pixels between them. Using the new setting you can have an equal margin of 20 pixels
  • New setting for detail adjustment of the slider control arrows: You can now have them either within the container or outside. You will find this setting very useful when it comes to finetune the aligment of the modules
  • Various settings added to give you a much better control over the container border and the module titles. Both can now adjusted in various ways. You’ll be able to create some really nice layouts that way
  • Separate pricing per customer (SPPC) compatibility added. In case you use this addon, the MTS modules will dedect this automatically and will display the correct customer group price

Thanks to the automatic upgrade function for all modules  (the feature got introduced in version 1.4), there is no need to unistall any module in order to get the new settings. One click is enough, the rest is done by the system itself

All the improvements are of course already included in the new modules, breadcrumb and “all pages”

Link manager improvements

  • Improved navigation through the link groups including a breadcrumb trail. This can be very useful in case of deeply nested link groups and/or link groups with identical names
  • Auto update of all menus in case a product, category or manufacturer is deleted from the system.
  • Auto update of all menus in case a linked internal file does not exist on the server anymore
  • Repair actions added to sanitize possible wrong entries in the menus
  • Correct SSL status applied to links (SSL/NONSSL)
  • A couple internal improvements of technical nature

Page profiles improvements

Beside various internal improvements to the whole page profiles system, there is a new setting that affect all MTS modules: Boxes, front page modules, element modules and the new “all pages” modules

The setting is called “general display” and allow the options “yes” or “no”.

  • yes” mean that the module will display on all pages unless there is an other setting via page profiles. In other words the module display on all pages and you can use page profiles to exclude it
  • no” mean that the module won’t display anywhere unless there is a setting in page profiles. In other words, the module don’t display on any page and you can use page profiles to include it

This is a very useful setting, in case you have modules that you want to display only on a particular page, for example a banner that you want to have on a single product page: You can set the general display to “no” and then, using page profiles, you can enable the banner for the particular page you want

The new version is available to download right away. Upgrade packages have been sent to all mini template system users, as usually free of charge.