A new version of Mini Template System got released today: Version 1.4.04. This is mainly a maintance version to ensure compatibility with the latest osCommerce version but also introduce a couple of new features and improvements

What is new in this version:

osCommerce compatibility

A number of files has been upgraded to ensure 100% compatibility with the latest osCommerce version Please note that MTS is backwards compatible with any of the previews versions of the 2.3 series of osCommerce

Template improvements

An improved way of checking the preview mode variables. The “preview mode” is a feature to preview a template in admin before switching it live for the store visitors

A better way of shadow selections, specially for internet explorer. You can see an overview of all available shadow combinations here

Link manager upgrade

  • It is possible now to set the link status for internal links too. The “link status” is a feature to enable disable any links and make them visible/invisible on the front side
  • Double button placement for updating and adding links. This is a small improvement following our users feedback
  • Preview link column added: You can now preview any link in admin to make sure it goes to the correct location
  • You can now add internal links manually. This is specially useful for pages added dynamically by other add ons such as article manager etc

The new version is available to download right away. Upgrade packages have been sent to all mini template system users, as usually free of charge. Please be patient up to 48 hours before asking why you didn’t receive the upgrade. Please note that upgrades are sent to the email that you used when purchasing MTS

Existing users, please note, that you can perform the upgrade on any osCommerce version 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3, or