A new version of Mini Template System got released today: Version 1.4.05. This is a maintance version to ensure compatibility with the latest osCommerce version 2.3.4 and the latest jQuery version 1.11.1.

What is new in this version:

osCommerce 2.3.4 compatibility

A number of files has been upgraded to ensure 100% compatibility with the latest osCommerce version 2.3.4. Please note that MTS is backwards compatible with any of the previews versions of the 2.3 series of osCommerce

Script updates

Following scripts have been updated to ensure compatibility with the latest jQuery version 1.11.1

  • Fancybox: Even it is not used in the latest osCommerce version any more, there are many existing websites who are using it and may not wish to change to “colorbox”. MTS will detect the correct version of Fanxybox, depending on the jQuery version you are using
  • bxGallery: Same as above, the script is not used in the latest osCommerce version any longer, we updated the script so you can keep using bxGallery on your website if you want, not depending on the osCommerce or jQuery version you have
  • Superfish: This is the script that create the menus in MTS, and has been updated to work on the latest jQuery version. MTS detect the correct version of Superfish depending on the selected jQuery version
  • jQuery version: The latest jQuery version 1.11.1 is added, you can select it in your admin under the main template settings
  • Colorbox and Photoset grid: Both scripts are added to MTS too, since they are used in osCommerce 2.3.4

The new version is available to download right away. Existing mini template system users will be notified by email, as usual free of charge. Please be patient up to 48 hours before asking why you didn’t receive the upgrade. Please note that upgrades are sent to the email that you used when purchasing MTS

Existing users, please note, that you can perform the upgrade on any osCommerce version 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3,,,, or

A osCommerce upgrade to the latest version 2.3.4 is not required. In case you plan to upgrade your osCommerce installation to version 2.3.4, please make sure to upgrade MTS first